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Перевод с английского языка fuel control unit на русский.См. в других словарях. 1. fuel-control unit. 1) регулятор подачи топлива 2) возд. командно-топливный агрегат (двигателя) If AC power is available, select the No 1 tank pumps ON for APU operation to assist the fuel control unit, especially during start. Newer 500 series aircraft have an extra, DC operated APU fuel pump in the No 1 tank which operates automatically during the start sequence. A fuel shutoff valve is usually installed between the fuel control unit and the fuel nozzles. When the throttle is placed in the closed position, this ensures positive shutoff of fuel to the engine. The Fuel Pump Control Unit or FPCU is a device which controls the voltage supplied to the fuel pump, based on several running conditions monitored by the ECU. Fuel Level Control Unit in Erie, Pennsylvania.1993 ford e1501993 ford e150 universial conversion van. well kept- high top- just serviced ac - brand new unit- automatic transmission- 302 v8- 4 captain chairs- fully serviced and inspected- only 93825 miles- power rear seat that folds into a bed- new batt. Constant Volume Sampling Diesel Control Unit. Digitale Diesel Elektronik (Diesel ECU) Digital Engine Electronics Electronic distributor-type fuel injection Digital Fuel Injection Oxygen Sensing Difference Doppel FunkenSpule.

Woodward produces a wide range of fuel control platforms that provide complete mechanical control for aircraft and industrial turbines.Through these complex mechanical linkages, the unit controls a turbine from start through a full range of output to safe shutdown. » fuel control unit Немецкий. Английский - Турецкий - fuel control unit. yakt kontrol cihaz. Как сделать дымогенератор и что это такое. Схемы. Все о высоковольтных проводах.Усовершенствованная система электронного зажигания. AFR Air Fuel Ratio.

Температура воздуха впускного коллектора. MCU Microprocessor Control Unit. Контроллер. Fuel control unit is the generic term given to any of several types of control systems for gas turbine engines. Gas turbine engines are primarily controlled by the amount of fuel supplied to the combustion chambers. останова двигателя ELAB 11 - Датчик начала впрыска в форсунке 4го цилиндра 12 - Control Collar travel sensor - ХЗ что такое.DDE Control Unit 20 Speed Regulator 21 Throttle Position Potentiometer 28 Clutch Switch 29 Speed Signal 31 Brake Switch 35 Temperature Sensor - Fuel 36 The engine control unit (ECU, the computer that controls all of the electronic components on your engine) "sees" the throttle valve open and increases the fuel rate in anticipation of more air entering the engine. Connect to the engine control unit (PCM) by FoCOM. Function Fuel pump Adjustment can be found at the menu ECU Programming/Coding. Selection of any other coding functions such as PATS login, delete keys, etc is not needed for fuel pump adjustment. fuel-control unit - 1) регулятор подачи топлива 2) возд. командно-топливный агрегат (двигателя).fuel-control unit перевод с английского языка на русский язык в других словарях. Fuel Pump Fuel Rail Fuel Line(s) Fuel Filter(s) Fuel Injectors Pressure Regulator Throttle Body / lntake Manifold Engine Control Unit (ECU) Ignition Coils Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor (ECT) Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) Crankshaft Position Sensor (CPS) Using "GuardMagic fuel control system" will allow you for the period 2-3 month increase your fleet at one "Actros". The possibility of such truck fleet increasing will happen only by termination of fuel fraud.Program SmartTracer 50 supports up to 50 mobiles units. DFI (Direct Fuel Injection).Diesel Control Unit - это устройство, которое управляет, контролирует и заботится о безопасности дизельных двигателей/генераторов.Что такое DCU (Diesel Control Unit)? DAC (Driver Alert Control). DCU (Diesel Control Unit) - это элемент электронной системы управления дизельным двигателем, воспринимающий сигналы входных датчиков, обрабатывающий их в соответствии с заложенной программой и вырабатывающийЧто такое DFI (Direct Fuel Injection)? Injection Rate Control Pilot injection control injects a small amount of fuel before the main injection.6.2 Engine ECU (Electronic Control Unit). z The engine ECU constantly ascertains the status of the engine through signals from the sensors, calculates fuel injec-tion quantities etc Fuel control logic. Types of Control Programs. The Control Units can be supplied individually or combined: PCU (Package Control Unit). ACU (AntiSurge Control Unit) RCU (Reciprocating Compressor Unit). Примеры перевода, содержащие fuel pump control Русско-английский словарь и система поиска по миллионам русских переводов.[] malfunctioning units (77,100), a fuel tank and pump to be used for back-up generators [] Еще значения слова и перевод FUEL-CONTROL UNIT с английского на русский язык в англо-русских словарях. Перевод FUEL-CONTROL UNIT с русского на английский язык в русско-английских словарях. Remove fuel control unit cap fuel outlet and bypass fittings. Apply 5 psi air pressure to the bypass return port. If an air leak is detected at fuel the inlet, replace the fuel control unit. Use of GPS based tracking device (AVL or telematics unit) is not enough to avoid fuel manipulation (fuel theft).With Inventure Fuel Consumption Control Solutions you can. Collect precise data regarding real time fuel consumption. - Fuel pump control unit J538 - Fuel tank - Electric fuel pump G6 - Fuel filter with pressure limiting valve. (opens at approx. 6.8 bar) - Fuel pressure sender for lower pressure G410. Fuel Control Unit definition, categories, type and other relevant information provided by All Acronyms.The list of acronyms and abbreviations related to FCU - Fuel Control Unit . Some of the first electronically controlled fuel injection systems in heavy-duty engines appeared in the Detroit Diesel Series 92 in 1985 and the Series 60 in 1987 [2151] .

The unit injectors used in these engines lent themselves well to early adoption of solenoid actuated electronic fuel injectors. A fuel control unit attempts to solve those problems by acting as an intermediary between the operators controls and the fuel valve. The operator has a power lever which only controls the engines potential, not the actual fuel flow. fuel control.FuelControl это онлайн система контроля расходов и выявления фактов хищения топлива. Она работает совместно с системами спутникового мониторинга транспорта и применением на предприятии топливных карт. fuel control unit — A fuel metering device that regulates the fuel flow to the engine in accordance with the pilots demand, ambient environmental conditions, aircraft speed, and other related factors Aviation dictionary. The implementation also involves complete control of fuel distribution by the Fuel Unit of the Section. Внедрение этой системы позволяет Группе по топливу Транспортной секции полностью контролировать распределение топлива в Миссии. Air / fuel ratio (AFR) is controlled by the Engine Control Unit (ECU). Bazzaz fuel controllers piggy back onto the ECU, intercepting the signals sent to the fuel injectors and modifying them. The precise data for these changes is stored in the fuel controller in the form of a fuel map. The Digifant fuel injection system is fitted to the 1.8 litre (codes PB and PF) engine and is a fully electronic and computerised version of the K-Jetronic system described in Part B of this Chapter. The main components include a computerised control unit Engine control unit. [1] Fuel injection control. [2] Ignition timing control.Accelerator pedal position sensor. Sub Main. Motor drive circuit Control unit. Engine coolant temperature sensor. Что же это такое LTFT и STFT? Short Term Fuel Trim Description Описание понятия STFT The short term fuel trim is a PCM erasable memory register.If the mixture is off enough so that LTFT reaches the limit of its control and still cannot correct the condition, the STFT would also go to its limit Electronic fuel injection. Photo Credit: Albertas Agejevas. If the heart of a car is its engine, then its brain must be the Engine Control Unit (ECU). Also known as a Powertrain Control Module (PCM) The HEUI fuel system utilizes a hydraulically actuated electronically controlled unit injector (7) . All fuel systems for diesel engines use a plunger and barrel in order to pump fuel under high pressure into the combustion chamber. Fuel Level 97 Water in Fuel Indicator WATER IN FUEL Water In Fuel The new text messages appear on vehicles built on or after March 7, 1997. Table 7, Parameter Identifiers (PIDs) 64 through 97 Instrumentation Control Unit 54.03 Specifications Century Class Trucks Workshop Manual нагнетатель program control блок программного управления program(ing) программное [программирующее] устройство propelling двигательПерепечатка статьи Unit что такое unit значение и расшифровка термина, определение слова unit без разрешения запрещена.DME Control-unit self-test, engine throttle or internal fault-Контроль-блок самотестированиязаслонки, потенциометр 1 Activation, solenoid valve, fuel-circuit changeover -Активацияон не вставляется так как нужно почему то то ли у меня руки кривые, хотя впервые такое. когда Petrol Fuel Pump Control Module Delivery Control Unit For VW Jetta Golf Audi A3. BMW 1 3 5 Series E60 E81 E87 E90 E92 Control Unit Sensor Fuel Pump ECU 7180426. Mercedes fuel pump control unit relay module A0009003101 / a 000 900 31 01. Expert fuel management solutions for site operators worldwide. Fuel Control Systems.The company markets its products through four primary business units: OPW Fuel Management Systems, OPW Dispensing Products, OPW Environmental Systems, and OPW Fueling The electronic control unit determines how long the injector stays open. Mechanical fuel injection.From the accumulator, the fuel passes through a paper element filter and then feeds into the fuel-metering control unit, also known as the fuel distributor. Paxton Automotive fuel control units are a cost-effective way to provide an engine with additional fuel under boost conditions. However, not every engine application has the same fuel curve requirements. Alibaba.com offers 50,310 fuel control products. About 6 of these are level measuring instruments, 1 are other electrical equipment, and 1 are remote control.1 Unit (Min. Order). Русский. Категория. automatic fuel control unit. командно топливный агрегат.fuel control unit. регулятор подачи топлива. Автомобилестроение. fuel control unit. в поpшневых двигателях: устpойство pегулиpования качества.en The release of sulphur dioxides is directly linked to the sulphur content of the refinery fuel gas and fuel oils used for combustion units. Other control functions. 1. Fuel Pump Control Turns the fuel pump relay ON so that current is sup The engine-ECU connector terminal OCVI makes the power transistor in the unit be in ON position, and that makes currents go on the inlet oil feeder control valve connector terminal. If the AC fuel pumps are not operating, fuel is suction fed from main tank No. 1. [Option - APU DC Fuel Pump] A DC operated APU fuel boost pump is installed to ensure positive fuel pressure to the APU fuel control unit. The fuel control unit is the large yellow-painted component mounted on the rear of the gearbox. Fuel control unit is the generic term given to any of several types of control systems for gas turbine engines.

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